Too Many Bosses Means Too Little Time

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Who’s the boss? Many workers say they have more than one, and that’s causing frustration and confusion in the office.


More than two-thirds of employees around the world say they have to consult with more than one boss to get their jobs done, according to a Gartner survey, and nearly as many waste significant amounts of time waiting for guidance from senior leaders. The lack of clear goals has caused some employees to try to manage their managers.

Gartner Inc.的一项调查结果显示,在来自世界各地的受访者中,逾三分之二的公司职员表示自己在完成工作任务时必须向不止一个老板征询意见,而认为自己在等待上级领导指示时,浪费了大量时间的职员占比也接近这一水平。由于缺乏清晰的目标,部分职员必须反过来尝试“管理”他们的管理者。

A few years ago at a prior job, Girish Rishi had a boss who got distracted by every minor crisis or triumph, leading to “whiplash” for his subordinates, says Mr. Rishi, now chief executive of JDA Software, of Scottsdale, Ariz.

JDA软件集团高管吉里什?瑞希(Girish Rishi)称,在几年前的上一份工作中,他的老板总是因一些小得小失而分心,导致下属们忽东忽西,无所适从。JDA是总部位于亚利桑那州斯科茨代尔市的一家供应链软件供应商。

“If there was news about a competitor, it would take up half your day,” he says. “If there was a customer win, the celebration would go on too long. Focusing on structure and priorities was missing.”


Mr. Rishi says he tried his best to insulate his team from the chaos. He also developed his own management system based around efficiency. At JDA, a maker of supply-chain software, he requires meetings to be intensely focused and only eight or 30 minutes long, and he asks participants to submit materials 48 hours in advance.


While that isn’t always possible, Mr. Rishi says, he finds that for roughly 70% of all meetings, “people come prepared, they’ve summarized their thoughts and they’ve given us adequate information.”


Bosses now manage, on average, nine direct reports, up from five in 2008, according to Gartner, which can spread leaders so thin that they don’t have a close grasp of what their employees are doing. Only about 35% of employees surveyed in the Gartner poll last year say their manager understands their day-to-day work.


“Managers are less likely to provide good feedback and coaching when they don’t understand what that employee’s workflow is,” says Brian Kropp, human-resources-practice leader at Gartner.

“在不了解员工日常工作流程的情况下,管理者们提供有效反馈和指导的可能性有所降低,” Gartner公司人力资源管理实践负责人布莱恩?克洛普(Brian Kropp)指出。