Suicides among girls soar to a record high as doctors issue warning over ’pressures of social media’

英国少女自杀数创新高 罪魁祸首是社交压力
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A record number of girls and young women took their own lives last year, figures suggest.


They showed that 65 females aged between five and 19 died from confirmed suicides or by injuries or poisoning for unknown reasons.


Some 13.3 per cent of deaths of those in the age group are considered to have been suicide – an increase of more than a third on 2016 and the highest level since figures were first compiled in 2001. Suicide is also thought to have been the most common cause of deaths in the same age group among boys, responsible for 10.4 per cent of deaths in 2017.


Dr Jon Goldin, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: ‘These are deeply concerning figures which once again highlight the pressures facing young women in our society today. Girls are perhaps more susceptible than boys to the kind of pressures society increasingly places on them to look good, lead a glamorous lifestyle and so on.


‘These pressures are transmitted in various ways, including via social media, and can be detrimental to young people’s self- esteem. Academic pressures, socio-economic pressures, family difficulties and pessimism about the future all also play a part.


‘These are really tragic figures, which should act as a wake-up call that many young people in our society are in great distress and need significantly more support.’