Transgender girl, 12, who came out at NINE says ’no-one can stop’ children like her from transitioning - and she doesn’t mind being asked awkward questions

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导读:12岁的变性女孩在9岁的时候就宣称 “没有人能阻止”像她这样的孩子变性——她也不介意被问一些尴尬的问题。


A 12-year-old transgender girl, who was one of the real-life stories to inspire current ITV series Butterfly - says ’no one can stop’ children who want to change gender from being who they truly are.


Born a boy, Poppy Tine, 12, from Worcestershire, started living as a girl from the age of nine, and said trans people can ’transition at any age’.


Her story inspired the makers of drama Butterfly, starring Anna Friel and Alison Steadman, which follows 11-year-old Maxine (Callum Booth-Ford) as she makes the transition to living as a girl.

她的故事启发了《蝴蝶梦》的制片人,这部剧后来由安娜.弗瑞尔和艾莉森.斯蒂德曼主演,讲述了11岁的Maxine (Callum Booth-Ford饰)转变为女孩的故事。

Poppy Tine, 12, from Worcestershire, is transgender and began her transition at the age of just nine. Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine, Poppy said ’no one can stop’ trans children from being who they really are


ITV drama Butterfly follows Maxine’s parents Vicky (played by Anna Friel) and Stephen (Emmett Scanlan) as they struggle to come to terms with her transition

ITV电视剧《蝴蝶梦》讲述了Maxine的父母Vicky (Anna Friel饰演)和Stephen (Emmett Scanlan饰演)艰难地接受她性别转变的故事

Poppy, pictured before her transition, revealed that her friends ’weren’t surprised at all’ by her news, and have been accepting


Speaking to Vorderman, Poppy said it was ’okay to ask’ her questions about her gender identity, as she acknowledged that many people might not have met transgender people before.


She said she approved of ITV’s handling of the subject and said Butterfly was ’relatable’ and shows that transgender children do exist and what they go through.