U.S. Charges Chinese Agents in Hacking Scheme, More Cases Expected

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Federal prosecutors unsealed charges against 10 Chinese intelligence officers and other individuals Tuesday, accusing them of engaging in a persistent campaign to hack into U.S. aviation companies in Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon and elsewhere.


Officials described the case as part of a push by the Trump administration to highlight what U.S. authorities say are China’s continuing efforts to steal information from American companies through cyberattacks and on-the-ground recruiting.


Prosecutors are also expected to announce charges in coming days against another set of hackers linked to the Chinese government. Those hackers have allegedly targeted information-technology service providers for the purposes of espionage and intellectual-property theft, according to people familiar with the matter.


Private-sector cybersecurity researchers have previously identified those attacks as the work of a hacking enterprise known as “APT 10” or “cloudhopper,” which they link to Beijing.

民间网络安全研究人员之前指认称,这些攻击是由一个名为APT 10或cloudhopper的黑客组织发起的,该组织与中国政府有关联。

“This is just the beginning,” the head of the Justice Department’s national security division, John Demers, said in announcing Tuesday’s case. The defendants, who are not in U.S. custody and believed to be overseas, are accused of trying to steal information about how to build a certain type of aircraft engine that a Chinese state-owned company was also working to develop.

美国司法部国家安全部门负责人John Demers周二宣布该案时表示,这只是开始。这些被告被控试图窃取关于如何建造一种飞机引擎的资料。一家中国国有企业也在研发这种飞机引擎。这些被告目前未被美国拘留,据信人在海外。

The case comes weeks after U.S. authorities won the rare extradition of a Chinese intelligence operative accused of a related scheme to obtain technical information from employees of GE Aviation and other American companies about aircraft-engine design and production. The officer in that case, Yanjun Xu, has pleaded not guilty.

就在几周前,美国当局罕见地引渡了一名中国情报人员,他被控密谋从GE Aviation和其他美国公司雇员手中获取飞机引擎设计和生产方面的技术信息。这位名为Yanjun Xu的中国男子没有认罪。