Jiang Jinfu: Actor admits domestic violence

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Hundreds of thousands of Sina Weibo users have reacted angrily to Chinese actor Jiang Jinfu’s admission of domestic violence against his girlfriend.


He made the admission in the early hours of Tuesday morning after the Japanese model Zhongpu Youhua posted pictures of her injuries on Instagram.


"Recently I have worried everyone who cares about me," she wrote, adding that she is "still alive".


"Lawyers and relevant personnel have asked that I don’t disclose much," she said.


Despite Instagram being blocked in China, thousands of Chinese and Japanese speakers reacted angrily to her bilingual post.


Mr Jiang has posted an apology on Sina Weibo, the Chinese social media platform, where he has 17 million followers. "This month I have spent confessing and being remorseful," he says. "My impulsive behaviour hurt you and your family… I am ashamed of my actions… I will take responsibility for my actions and accept punishment. I sincerely apologise to everyone."

蒋劲夫在中国社交媒体平台新浪微博上发表道歉,他拥有1700万粉丝。 “这个月我一直在忏悔并且感到懊悔,”他说。 “我的冲动行为伤害了你和你的家人......我为自己的行为感到羞耻......我将对自己的行为负责并接受惩罚。我真诚地向所有人道歉。”

The police have not yet issued a statement.


More than 163,000 Weibo users have responded to the apology.


Thousands have also commented angrily on media posts about the story.


"Domestic violence cannot be forgiven," reads one comment. "My God, so many bruises," says another.

“家庭暴力无法得到赦免,”一条评论说。 “天啊,这么多瘀伤,”另一个人说。

"So much hate to reduce a girl to this...how cruel" said one user in a comment that has been liked 17,000 times.


China’s first domestic violence law was enacted in 2016 and it was only in 2001 that physical abuse became grounds for divorce.


Despite the recent law, domestic violence cases remain difficult to win in court. In the 10 months after the law came in, says women’s rights organisation Equality, 142 abuse-related cases were brought to court in the city of Jinan. Only 14 cases, where the accused admitted to the allegations, resulted in divorce.

尽管法律规定近年已经出台,但家庭暴力案件仍难以在法庭上获胜。 在该法律出台后的10个月内,妇女权利组织“平等组织”称,在济南市有142起与虐待有关的案件被提交法院审理。 只有14起被告承认指控并离婚。

The domestic violence law has also been criticised for not including gay couples.


"Violence within families has traditionally been viewed as a private issue in China," wrote wrote feminist campaigner Lu Pin in March this year. "One in which outsiders have no right to interfere."

“家庭暴力传统上一直被视为中国的一个私人问题,”女权主义活动家吕频在今年3月写道, “这是外人无权干涉的家事。”

It is perhaps unsurprising then, that in this context, some Sina Weibo users leapt in to defend Jiang Jinfu saying he was "set up" and that "the girlfriend definitely had problems."