The people who return most of what they buy

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Serial returners, people who buy items and then return them, are on the rise, putting already struggling shops under pressure. But why do people do it and how should shops handle them?


Harriet Gordon, a recruitment consultant in London, reckons she only keeps around half of the clothes she buys online. She spends about 400 pounds each month, but then returns 200 pounds worth of items.

哈里特.戈登(Harriet Gordon)是伦敦的一名招聘顾问,她估计自己每个月大概花400英镑在网上买衣服,但最后会退掉一半的衣物。

Mainly it’s because the clothes don’t fit in the way she expected, but often the colour or fabric disappoint, bearing little relation to the online images.


You see models wearing things and it looks fantastic on them, she laughs, saying they don’t look the same on her.


The fact that many of the shops she buys from will collect her returns makes it even easier. Despite working in Covent Garden, which is chock-a-block with shops, the 28-year-old says it’s a lot easier to go online than face the queues and stress of shopping in stores.


It’s a similar story for Hester Grainger. For an upcoming wedding the 41-year-old ordered seven dresses from online retailer Asos. She knew she’d only keep one, but wanted to make sure she got the right one.


When she needed new jeans, she did the same, ordering five pairs while only ever intending to keep one.


In total, she estimates she spends between 300 pounds to 400 pounds each month on clothes, but returns so much that her actual spend is around 70 pounds to 80 pounds.


I am pretty bad, she laughs. "I spend several hundred pounds on different purchases from different retailers over the course of a month, but I probably return about 80% of what I buy."