Spanish comedian appears in court after blowing his nose on the national flag as part of a TV sketch in latest crackdown on freedom of speech

西班牙喜剧演员用国旗擦鼻涕还调侃中国 被送上法庭
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导读:在西班牙讽刺类节目El Intermedio中,喜剧演员马特奥打了个喷嚏,然后做出用西班牙国旗擤鼻涕的动作。他的行为遭到了警方的严肃处理。


A Spanish comedian has appeared in court after blowing his nose on the national flag as part of a TV sketch.


Dani Mateo appeared before a judge in Madrid after a police union denounced his joke as an ’affront to Spain (and) its symbols’.

丹尼利·马特奥(Dani Mateo)被送上了马德里的法庭,因为一个警察协会称,他讲的笑话是对“西班牙和其国旗”的公开侮辱。

It is the latest case to raise fears for freedom of expression in the country.


As a citizen of this country, I’m worried because we’re bringing a clown before a judge for having done his job,’ Dani Mateo told reporters after appearing before a judge probing his case in Madrid.


That worries me a lot for the image it gives of my country and my flag.’


A police union made an official complaint after his sketch on October 31.


The joke, broadcast on popular satirical television show El Intermedio, saw Mateo sneeze and blow his nose on the Spanish flag, before ironically apologising profusely, saying he hadn’t wanted to ’offend the Spanish, the king or the Chinese who sell these rags.’

这个笑话在西班牙颇受欢迎的讽刺类节目El Intermedio中播出,喜剧演员马特奥打了个喷嚏,然后做出用西班牙国旗擤鼻涕的动作。他之后马上用略带滑稽的口吻解释,表示自己并非有意冒犯西班牙国家、国王和出售这些”抹布“的中国。

In a subsequent tweet, the Guardia Civil police force retorted that the flag ’symbolises the union of a people.’


Respect it. Not doing so isn’t humour, it’s gratuitously offending those who are proud of it and those who gave their life and efforts for the values of peace and freedom that it represents.’