Jackie Chan releases new English memoir: ’I really was quite a nasty jerk’

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Hong Kong (CNN) — Martial arts film star Jackie Chan has revealed his battles with alcohol and admitted to throwing his son across the room in an autobiography published for the first time in English on Tuesday.

CNN香港电 在一本于周二出版的英文自传中,功夫电影明星成龙披露了他酗酒,并承认把儿子扔到房间一边。

A native of Hong Kong, Chan was already a successful Chinese film actor when he rose to international fame in the 1990s in high-profile Western films such as "Rush Hour."

成龙是土生土长的香港人,上个世纪90年代凭借《尖峰时刻》(Rush Hour)等备受瞩目的西方影片一举成名,当时他已是一位成功的中国电影演员。

In his book, Chan describes the early days of his career, when he was a stunt man and extra, and how as a young man he spent all his wages on "drinking, gambling and girls."


Decades later in 1999, long after he had married his wife, Taiwan actress Joan Lin, news broke that Chan had fathered a child, Etta, during an affair with former beauty queen Elaine Ng.

几十年后的1999年,在与台湾女演员林凤娇结婚多年后,有消息称,成龙在与前“亚洲小姐”选美冠军吴绮莉(Elaine Ng)发生婚外情后生下了吴卓林。

"I really was quite a nasty jerk," Chan says in the book. The Chinese actor was named as an anti-drugs ambassador in China in 2009.