家长困惑:孩子几岁可以拥有自己的手机? 2018-06-14 编辑:Penny (华尔街日报)




Gabriel Krause-Grosman, 12 years old, spent family dinners for the greater part of a year on a smartphone offensive. He hounded. He pleaded. All his friends had one, he prodded. Yet his parents stood firm.

今年以来,12岁的加布里埃尔.克劳斯-格罗斯曼(Brieton-Gabriel Krause-Grosman)屡次在晚饭时间请求家长给他买个智能手机。他持之以恒,哀恳不休,说朋友都有手机。他的父母就是不肯松口。

“Who the hell would give a junior-high schoolchild a gaming platform to walk through the world with?” said Ellen Krause-Grosman, his mother. “It feels a little like trying to teach your kid how to use cocaine, but in a balanced way.”

“谁会放心让一个初中生随身带着一个游戏机呢?”他的母亲艾伦.克劳斯-格罗斯曼(Ellen Krause-Grosman)说,“这有点像教孩子吸可卡因,只是也有有利的一面罢了。”

She and her husband worried if they could shield their son from addictive videogames, pornography, online bullying or predatory strangers.


Then they folded. Gabriel got an LG Aristo and has since bent to its demands, sometimes at the expense of playing violin or going outside. “I spend way too much time on it,” the boy said.

夫妻俩最终还是让步了。加布里埃尔得到了一只LG Aristo手机,从此以后,他的生活都是围绕手机转,有时甚至会牺牲拉小提琴或外出的时间。“我在手机上花了太多时间。”这个男孩说。

When to allow children a smartphone has become among the most pivotal of parental decisions in the decade since iPhone remade daily habits. For many families, the choice is as significant as when to hand over the car keys. It pits parents and teachers against some of the largest and most advanced companies in the world—a fight as lopsided as it sounds.


Experience has already shown parents that ceding control over the devices has reshaped their children’s lives, allowing an outside influence on school work, friendships, recreation, sleep, romance, sex and free time.


Nearly 75% of teenagers had access to smartphones, concluded a 2015 study by Pew Research Center—unlocking the devices about 95 times a day on average, according to research firm Verto Analytics. They spent, on average, close to nine hours a day tethered to screens large and small outside of school, according to Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that promotes safe media use for children.

皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)2015年的一项调查表明,近75%的青少年在使用智能手机,而且研究机构Verto Analytics的数据显示,这些青少年平均每天解锁设备95次。Common Sense Media是一家致力于推动儿童安全使用媒体的非盈利机构,其研究显示,青少年每天在校外盯着大大小小的电子屏幕的平均时长将近9个小时。

The goal of Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Snap Inc. and their peers is to create or host captivating experiences that keep users glued to their screens, whether for Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or Facebook. A child can understand the business model: The more screen time, the more revenue.


“Average time spent” is a tech-industry metric that helps drive advertising rates and stock prices. Snapchat users 25 and younger, for example, were spending 40 minutes a day on the app, Chief Executive Evan Spiegel said in August. Alphabet boasted to investors recently that YouTube’s 1.5 billion users were spending an average 60 minutes a day on mobile.

平均使用时间”是科技行业的一项指标,能提升广告费和股价。举例来说,Snapchat首席执行长伊万.斯皮格尔(Evan Spiegel)去年8月表示,25岁及以下的用户每天会在Snapchat上花费40分钟。最近Alphabet向投资人吹嘘说,YouTube的15亿用户平均每人每天在这款应用上花费60分钟。

Departing from that message can be costly. Facebook’s stock slid 4.5% to close at $179 Friday after CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans Thursday to overhaul the Facebook news feed in a way that could reduce the time users spend.

不按这套规矩出牌则会付出惨重的代价。今年初,Facebook首席执行长马克.扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)宣布对Facebook动态消息(News Feed)的排序做出重大调整,这次改动有可能会减少用户花在这个软件上的时间。消息传出后,Facebook股价下跌4.5%,收于179美元。

Tech companies are working to instill viewing habits earlier than ever. The number of users of YouTube Kids is soaring. Facebook recently launched Messenger Kids, a messaging app for children as young as 6.

科技公司正使出浑身解数培养用户盯着电子屏幕的习惯。YouTube Kids的用户数量正在飙升。 Facebook最近推出了Messenger Kids,这是一款面向6岁以下儿童的通讯应用程序。

Apple said its mobile software includes parental controls to govern content and applications. Devices powered by Google’s Android software allow parents, in effect, to monitor and limit screen time until age 13, reflecting government regulations that say that is old enough. A Google spokesperson says the company provides help for parents seeking to navigate its offerings.